• New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter
  • New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter
  • New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter
  • New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter
  • New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter
  • New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter

New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter

Type: Transmitter
Function: Signal Transmitting Device, Signal Transmission Equipment, Signal Monitoring Equipment
Certification: CE, GS
Condition: New
Country of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Working Frequency: VHF/UHF Channel Arbitrary Choice

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Output Power
73cm X 54cm X 32cm
Transport Package
Export Wooden Boxes
Hangzhou, China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

ZHC518A-1000W/C2 Analog TV Transmitter
New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter

This Transmitter is a high-standard, broadcast-level all-solid-state Compact design analog TV transmitter. It uses a new software radio technology to achieve the TV modulation function; the use of international high-quality LDMOS high-power field effect tube to achieve radio frequency amplification, the output power can be 1000W.
The TV transmitter is mainly composed of a TV modulation unit and an RF power amplification unit. Among them, the TV modulation unit uses the new FPGA + DDS to realize the software TV modulation function, while obtaining superior technical indicators while ensuring reliability and performance consistency; the RF power amplification unit uses international high-quality LDMOS high-power field effect transistors, Analog/Digital Compatible, stable and reliable.
The whole Transmitter adopts 19 "standard stainless steel case, suitable for all levels of TV stations.

It adopts new FPGA + DDS technology to realize software-based TV modulation function, with superior performance, high reliability and good consistency.
It adopts the integrated structure design, and the single-channel image sound combination type is easy to install and use.
It has the functions of no video, excessive standing wave ratio, over power, over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection to reduce equipment damage.
With intelligent network management and monitoring, with RS232 and TCP / IP communication interfaces.
It's using high-quality switching power supply, with over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit, lightning protection and other protection measures, high efficiency, good voltage regulation range, strong ability to adapt to external power changes.
It adopts high-quality high-flow axial flow fan, with good heat dissipation effect, keep the transmitter in a low temperature state, and extend the life of the transmitter.

ZHC518A-1000W/C2 Analog TV Transmitter Diagram
New 1kw Analog TV Transmitter

Technical Specifications: 

Overall performances: 
1. Operating frequency band:   VHF / UHF
2. Image carrier frequency deviation: ± 300Hz
3. Output power:              1000W
4. Output impedance:          50Ω
5. Inter-modulation distortion: ≤-50dB
6. Useless emission:          ≤-50dB inside adjacent channels;
≤-65dB outside adjacent channels
7. RF output interface:       7/16" female
8. Power supply:             single phase 220VAC / 110VAC
9. Cooling method:           forced air cooling
10. Working environment temperature: -10~+45ºC
11. Dimensions: 483mm(width)x177mm(height)x650mm(depth)
12. Weight:                  35Kg

Image performance:
1. Video input level:                   1VP-P positive polarity
2. Video input impedance:             75Ω
3. Video in-band reflection loss:        ≥35dB
4. Video input interface:               BNC-K
5. Periodic clutter signal-to-noise ratio: ≥55dB
6. Continuous random wave SNR:      ≥60dB (weighted),
≥55dB (un weighted)
7. Group delay:                       ±30ns
8. 2T square wave distortion:          ≤1%
9. Distortion of brightness waveform:  ≤1.2%
10. Non-linear brightness distortion:   ≤3%
11. Differential gain DG:              ≤±3%
12. Differential phase DP:             ≤±3°
13. Color / bright gain difference:     ≤1%
14. Color / bright delay difference:    ±5ns
15. Modulation degree:               ≤87.5%

Sound performance: 
1. Sound / image carrier power ratio: -10dB
2. Sound carrier frequency deviation: ± 200Hz
3. Audio input level:                 0dBm ± 6dBm
4. Audio input impedance: 600Ω balanced or 10KΩ unbalanced
5. Audio input interface:             XLR-K / BNC-K
6. Sound modulation capability:       >±100KHz
7. FM signal-to-noise ratio:           ≥70dB
8. Amplitude-frequency characteristic: ± 1dB
9. AM noise (no modulation):         ≤-55dB
10. Internal carrier noise (100% modulation): ≤-50dB
11. Harmonic distortion:              ≤0.3%
12. Maximum frequency deviation:    ± 50KHz
13. Pre-emphasis time constant:      50us

Company Show:
New 1kw Analog TV TransmitterNew 1kw Analog TV TransmitterNew 1kw Analog TV Transmitter

Common Problems:

Q1. What these equipments used for?

A1. We are original manufacturer in FM Radio & TV Broadcasting equipments; they are professional used for FM Radio & TV Broadcasting Station (Transmitting equipment.)


Q2. What equipment & solution your company can provide?

A2. We can do complete solution for FM Radio Station System. It includes:Studio--Link--Transmitter--Cables--Antenna.

We also can provide complete Transmitting part of TV Station. It includes:Link-Transmitter-Cables-Antenna.

Q3. How large areas can One Station cover?

A3. One FM or TV Station can cover one city or one town.

The Maximum cover ranges of one station can not over 100KM Radius because the Earth is Curve.

You can use Multiple Stations & Different Frequency to cover larger area.

Q4. How do I choose suitable equipments for my station?

A4. The most import factors are Power and Frequency.

We need to know the Power and Frequency you need exactly.

How long the distances do you want to cover in Radius?

How height your Antenna can be installed?

Q5. How to calculate Broadcasting equipment Cover Range?

A5. The Cover Range depends on 4 factors:1. Power from Transmitter; 2. Height of Antenna; 3. Gain from Antenna; 4. Around Environment.

Then we can know the cover range of your station.

Q6. Is the Frequency Adjustable?

A6. FM Radio Band Frequency is 87~108MHz, TV Band Frequency includes UHF/VHF band.

For FM Radio Transmitter; Power Below 2KW is all adjustable. Above 2KW would be narrow.

For TV Transmitter; all Frequency Band is very Narrow, only can contain around 3 Channels; so it's not adjustable.

Q7. Is your Analog TV Transmitter can be upgraded to Digital?

A7. Yes, we can. But the Frequency Band should be the same.

The only difference between Analog & Digital TV Transmitter is its TV Modulator.

After upgrade to Digital, the Power from TV Transmitter reduced 5 times.

For example: 1KW analog TV Transmitter can be upgraded to 200W Digital TV Transmitter.

Q8. How to do installation of these equipments?

A8. For small power station, the equipments are very easy for installation.

For large power station, we can send our engineer to your country to help you do the installation, but you should pay the cost.

We also can do training for your engineer here in our company.

Q9. How to operate these broadcasting equipments?

A9. We provide All-English user manual; All-English operation software in our equipment.

We also can do training for your engineer here in our company.

Q10. What about after sales?

A10. The warranty time is one year after goods leaving factory.

We can provide technical support from internet or in our company.

We can send spare parts to you directly when the equipment damaged.

Timmy Qian
Hangzhou Zhongchuan Digital Equipment Co.,LTD
Address:  Zone 1, Floor 5, Building 1, Delixi Yunqi Innovation Center, Zhuantang Street, Xihu District, Hangzhou,310024,China

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